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Posted by on Oct 9, 2019 in Wallpaper Store |

3 Rooms Where a Wallpaper Company in Boca Raton FL Can Make A Huge Difference

3 Rooms Where a Wallpaper Company in Boca Raton FL Can Make A Huge Difference

Whether you’ve bought an older home in need of some renovation or you’re ready to bring your own home up to date, wallpaper could be the answer. No, it’s not the right decorating idea for every room, but it’s a wonderful go-to in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

The Kitchen

Wallpaper in the kitchen can make a huge difference in the way the room is perceived. Tired of those blank walls? What better idea is there than a shot color and design with the wallpaper. In fact, sit down for a little bit with a wallpaper company in Boca Raton FL and look at all the options! Always wanted a brick accent wall, but just couldn’t afford it? Find some brick designed wallpaper to give the look at a wall at a fraction of the cost and mess. Wallpaper is also an affordable option to a tile backslash. Still others like to paper the breakfast nook, giving it an identity of its own. What fun it is to look at all the possibilities.

The Bathroom

If you’re new to wallpapering, the bathroom is often a great spot to start. Small and requiring very little paper, homeowners and renters alike can typically make a big impact with a small amount of effort. From bold graphics to old fashioned florals, wallpaper can transform the look of a dowdy, old bathroom. Remember, a bathroom should be similar to a spa experience, so pick wallpaper you find relaxing. Also, pick wallpaper that will hold up against humidity. Talking with an employee at a wallpaper company in Boca Raton FL to find out which books contain these types of papers.

The Dining Room

Not all homes are fortunate enough to have a dining room, but those that do have a fountain of options for decorating with wallpaper. Take a look at decorating magazines and look at various wallpaper books to gain good ideas. Decide if you want a formal, stately look for the room or something a bit homier. There are no wrong answers, only what makes you feel good about the room.

If money is tight, wallpaper is a great way to embark on a remodeling project. Contact us for more information.