Reinventing Business Settings with 4 Design Tips

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Wallpaper Store

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It’s surprising how much work you can do when you find yourself in pleasant, work-conducive surroundings. According to Mashable, the right workplace can dramatically affect employee productivity. So if you want to make sure productivity is at a high, then here are a few design tips to keep in mind.

1. Pay attention to ergonomics. This is a given. Employees won’t be able to give their best at work if their chairs are making their backs sore or if they have to keep adjusting their screen. One way to look after the comfort of everyone on your team is to provide them with ergonomically-designed chairs to make sure they’re comfortable.

2. Keep it a clutter-free zone. While it’s only basic to keep the office clean, you can also move around some of the things in the office and transfer some of them into storage, especially for equipment that aren’t being used anymore. This way, you don’t just free up some extra space, you also make room for new ones.

3. Play with colors. If you can experiment with the design of the office, then go ahead. But instead of painting over those walls, why not a commercial wallcovering instead? Go over wallpapers designed for commercial settings like businesses and hospitals as well as restaurants, shops, and the theater, among other places. With shops like the Honolulu Wall Covering Boutique, you won’t have a problem finding choices to suit your team or business. So if you and your team are tired of old, boring beige paint, then pick out a commercial wallcovering instead.

4. Say nay to open plans. According to a recent study by the University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture, open plans actually compromise employee satisfaction, making them feel like they’re being treated as drones instead of individuals. If you’ve got to go with an open plan, though, then make sure employees have enough privacy in their units, and that there are plenty of conference rooms in case, they want to get some work done in relative privacy.

So if you think it’s about time that your office got a makeover, then use these tips to help you get started. Remember, it’s about creating the best work environment for your employees. So stay away from white walls and impersonal surroundings. Boost employee productivity by finding a way for your company to put a personal stamp on those work spaces with a commercial wallcovering.

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