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Posted by Judie langford on Apr 27, 2017 in Wallpaper Store

Wallpaper or Paint? Think Over These 4 Things First

Wallpaper or Paint? Think Over These 4 Things First

Wallpaper or paint—mulling over which one is a better option? Here are three basic things to consider before you finalize your decision, whether it’s paint or that home wallpaper in Hawaii:


If installed correctly, wallpaper could last you well over a decade. You won’t have to deal with peeling paint. Make sure you go with vinyl surfaces since these tend to be more durable and stand up to considerable wear and tear, says Freshome. Buying them from reliable companies like Architectural Surfaces Inc. also ensures you get quality options that last.


There are plenty of varieties for both – whether you’re checking out paint or home wallpaper in Hawaii. Paint comes in different glosses and sheens. However, wall coverings are typically available in different finishes, styles, patterns, colors and designs. If you want greater versatility in your options, wallpaper is a much better choice.

Ease of Installation

It can be a bit challenging to install wallpaper correctly. However, the same could be said of painting as well. It is best to hire professional experts to handle both. However, if you have plenty of time and patience along with the right tools, you could easily handle installing that Thibaut wallpaper on your own.


You’ll need to strip off any existing layers before you can paint over a new layer. Paint can’t be applied to dirty or damaged walls as well. That means you’ll need to replaster first. However, going for a York wallcovering for instance, means you won’t have to replaster or fill in holes. You can simply apply the wallpaper over the surface. Pick out the right texture to help hide any imperfections underneath. That way, you can get that wallpaper up in less time and with little to no stress and hassle.

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