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Posted by Judie Langford on Jan 9, 2014 in Education And Learning

How to achieve creative confidence in selling

How to achieve creative confidence in selling

When you were in high school you were painfully aware of the great divide between the cliques. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for the dreaded cliques we learned to adhere to in high school to stay with us into our careers. We seem to have an inherent belief that artsy creatives and nerdy brainiacs don’t mix. But what we need to learn is that creativity rides both sides of the fence. We are all brainiacs with creative abilities and the only difference is what side of the brain works the best to build our creative confidence.

Gaining Creative Confidence
It’s hard to avoid clichés, but for the sake of simplicity let’s depend on them to explain. Nerds are looked at as the least creative people in the world. But it just takes watching a single episode of “The Big Band Theory” to see just how creative nerds must be. The brainiacs we watched graduate with honors got there by being creative. Using our minds to problem solve is a form of creativity. Learning to use creativity in our careers means developing stronger problem solving skills and in sales problem solving for your clients is what sells and retains customers.

Color Your World
If you are a great thinker and quick on your feet to solve problems then you are probably a good sales person. Creative confidence goes beyond the ability to just problem solve and delves deep to color your client’s world with outstanding service. You have to learn to use the other side of your brain to add a little color. When decorating a room, dressing a model or designing an advertisement layout one looks objectively for flaws that need to be improved and camouflaged. Using this creative approach to color your client’s world more effectively means looking at the flaws in their business and the issues in their productivity and efficiency and using your services and products to change their pain points into accents and features you can improve.

Reaching beyond your comfort zone to find your inner creativity is the first step to building your creative confidence. Recognizing the artsy side of creativity as an opportunity to provide value added service to perfect your client’s flaws is the advantage gained with creative confidence.

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