The Five Dysfunctions of Sales performance

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Education And Learning

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Poor sales performance affects the entire team. Here are the five dysfunctions of sales performance and how to correct them:

1. Lack of Performance Management: Great sales managers are able to keep things moving and help people succeed because they recognize this is their job. They do not try to sell instead they focus on performance and rewards. This means they do not lead by example but with examples instead. Your focus must be keeping track of performance, managing mediocrity by providing required training and showing the team how to perform by using the top performers as examples. Managing the pipeline as well as the behavior of the individuals keeps things running smoothly.

2. Misguided Motivation: Motivation is not threats. Motivation focuses on success and reminds people to keep their eyes on the prize. A good motivator will take responsibility for their team’s morale and ensure they are providing them with the tools to succeed. You must learn to recognize the needs of your reps and use their needs to provide them with the motivation that works best for them.

3. Stagnating: A team that is not coached is a team left to stagnate. Sales is a moving, growing field that needs to be refreshed often to encourage success. Coaching plays a key role in sales success and providing daily or weekly debriefs helps address issues and strengths from which the whole team can benefit. Some sales reps need a quick coaching before they meet with a prospect whereas others need a post coaching session to address where they went right or wrong. Understanding your team and staying in tune with them will provide them with the coaching they need to continue to grow.

4. No Mentoring: Mentoring is an important role for the sales manager. You have to provide an ear to your team and be ready with the answers they need. Mentoring takes patience as well as insight to provide the direction when and where it is needed. Your door must be open as well as your mind to listen, encourage and coach.

5. Bad Hires: Knowing your team means you know what they need. A bad hire can bring your team down within a few months.

Accepting responsibility for your team’s performance can help you avoid sales performance dysfunction.

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