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Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in Lawyers |

Hire an Immigration Attorney in Nashville to Bring Family Members to the United States

It’s very difficult for foreigners to get the legal right to live and work in the United States. People who are citizens of other countries can wait for years to get the proper visa to move to this country. It takes a person at least five years after a they enter this country on a visa to become a citizen. They also have to pass a difficult citizenship test. After they achieve this, they might want to help family members move to this country. It’s not uncommon for a husband to move to the United States first and then bring his wife and children over. He should hire an Immigration Attorney Nashville to help him with this process.

United States immigration law gives preference to people who already have family members here. However, this is a complex law and there is a lot of competition to be one of those people that immigration officials allow in. There are still quotas pertaining to various countries. Even if a person has a spouse, parent or child here, they are competing against thousands of others who also meet this requirement. If they don’t file a perfect application on time, it can be rejected on those issues. This complex process can be difficult for people who don’t speak English fluently. Their lawyer can make sure that their paperwork is perfect.

Lawyers who work with immigrants also make sure that they keep up on any changes to the law or regulations that implement immigration law. They will help their clients know the best strategy for complying with the regulations. Sometimes there is only a small window of opportunity to apply for a new type of visa. A Immigration Attorney Nashville can quickly prepare an application, when they have all of the immigrant’s information on file. They will know the proper office and person to deliver the application to. In a large bureaucracy this can make all the difference. Important applications can sit on the wrong desk for months. This can cause the applicant to miss a deadline, because the proper person didn’t stamp it as arrived. That can mean more years of delay.