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Posted by on Aug 9, 2013 in Education And Learning |

DRO Digital Relationship Management

DRO Digital Relationship Management

The Sales Coaching InstituteDigital Relationship Management can have a couple of different meanings. In sales, it is basically the technology of a company, and how a company takes advantage of it to increase their productivity. Presenting your customers with every single product that you sell can be a really overwhelming experience that could turn them off, especially if you are a large company that carries thousands of products. Keep in mind that customers don’t want to work to buy products. They want to know quickly and directly how your products can benefit them, so that they have enough information to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy.

Technology and Digital Relationship Management

Technology has made the digital relationship management process so much easier. Companies that have gone digital will most likely get much more in sales than those that don’t. If your website is easily navigable, laid out well, and not all cluttered up, then potential customers will be able to choose the exact product variations that they want, without a lot of hassle. They will have full access to your product catalog, by simply using the search bar to type in specifically what they want. Since they don’t have to spend hours doing this, it won’t become overwhelming like it would if you were pitching all of your individual products in person.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Even though customers want a lot of options that they can easily find, sales professionals need to be really careful about providing too many options. This could lead to a freeze, to where the buyer leaves without buying anything. Less is sometimes more to customers who want great products and services without having to work too hard to get them. Finding a way to give your customers relevant choices, without forcing your whole product catalog down their throat, will end up getting you way more in sales. Your website is not the only thing that you will have to manage when it comes to digital relationship management. You will also need to ensure that your email campaigns, social networking pages, and any apps that you have are up to scratch. The internet is a booming place, and you have to be prepared if you expect to stay with the times to best your competition.

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