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Posted by Judie langford on Apr 8, 2019 in Bail Bonds Service

Assistance to Expect When Working With a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City

Assistance to Expect When Working With a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City

When a loved one is arrested, a family member may want to do as much as possible to help. The family member can start by working with a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City to obtain a bond that will enable their loved one to be released from jail. When they talk to a bondsman, there are a few things they can expect.

Help Understanding Bond Terms

The family member obtaining the bond will want a thorough understanding of the terms of the bond before they agree to those terms. The bondsman knows what all of the terms are and can clarify anything the family member is unsure about. The family member obtaining the bond should make sure they ask as many questions as possible before signing for the bond to ensure they fully understand any risks as well as what is needed to end the bond after the hearings are completed. 

Clarification About Payment Options

Various payment options are accepted for the bond. The payment is typically a deposit of around 10% of the full bond amount or collateral that is worth more than the full bond amount. The bondsman can answer any questions the family member may have about the payment options available to them as well as any fees they’ll pay for the bondsman’s service. 

Assistance Understanding Bond Process

Along with understanding the terms of the bond, the family member should have an understanding of how the whole process works and how long it will take. The bondsman will need to pay the full bail amount to the jail as soon as the bond is secured, then the jail will release the arrested person as soon as everything is processed. This can take some time to complete, so the family member should ask the bondman exactly how the process will work and how long they might expect the process to take before their loved one can be released. 

If you have a loved one who has been arrested and you’d like to help them, speak with a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City today about obtaining a bond to secure your loved one’s release. Visit the website for Advise Bail Bonds now to learn more or to speak with a bondsman.