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Posted by on Apr 30, 2020 in Bail Bonds Service |

Using Surety Bonds in Bartow to Get Out of Jail

When a person is arrested, they don’t have to remain in jail until their hearings are completed. The person will likely be given a bail amount by a judge that can be paid in full to secure their release. Unfortunately, they may not have the money to pay the bail in full. This is where surety bonds in Bartow can be extremely beneficial for them. They’ll be able to get the help they need to pay their bail cost and secure their release until the hearings are completed.

Bail bonds, also known as surety bonds in Bartow, are offered to those who have been arrested and given a bail amount to secure their release, but who cannot afford to pay the bail amount in full. Typically, they will need a friend or family member who can speak with the bondsman on their behalf and secure the bond. The friend or family member will need to sign the bond agreement and will have to either pay a percentage of the bail amount or give the bondsman collateral to secure the bond.

So long as the arrested person follows all of the terms of the bond, they will not have to go to jail until their sentencing is completed, if they are found guilty. They’ll have the ability to hire a lawyer for their defense. However, if they do not follow the terms of the bond, the bond may be revoked and they will need to remain in jail until their hearings are completed. The person who obtained the bond may need to pay the remaining percentage of the bond or forfeit their collateral if the terms of the bond are not followed. It’s always important to consider this before obtaining a bond.

Most of the time, after a person is arrested they will receive a bail amount and can obtain a bond to secure their release from jail. The bail bonds like Zona Long Bails Bonds Bartow may be able to help you secure a bond for your family member so they can be released as quickly as possible.