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Posted by on Apr 8, 2019 in Automotive |

5 Advantages of Shuttle Service in Orange County

5 Advantages of Shuttle Service in Orange County

A shuttle service in Orange County is a huge asset. Shuttles are a blessing to keep costs low when you need to get to your destination, such as an airport, fast. Here are 5 major advantages to taking a shuttle versus a cab or rideshare service.


As mentioned before, finding a shuttle service in Orange County is significantly lower-priced that calling a rideshare service or a cab.


Shuttles have a set schedule available online and you can count on them arriving at their destination on time, round the clock. You won’t have to tell them where and when they will need to arrive, but show up to the shuttle station at least ten minutes early.


A long shuttle ride to the airport is an easy and comfortable one. The shuttle driver will place your luggage above or below your seat and you’ll relish the safety and comfort of getting to your destination and not worrying about your luggage.

Sightseeing Along the Way

Taking a shuttle from the hotel room to the airport is a great way to see the city.

Private Shuttles Offer a Classy Option

Vans are more common for private shuttle service in Orange County, but limousines are available as well. The option to hire a private shuttle is a high-class option for those looking for more privacy.

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