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Posted by on Jan 14, 2019 in Animal Health |

Why Residents Rely on an Animal Hospital for Pet Boarding Services in Lorton, VA

Why Residents Rely on an Animal Hospital for Pet Boarding Services in Lorton, VA

Although there are several places where Lorton residents can board cats and dogs, many choose a local veterinary hospital. Facilities like Crosspointe Animal Hospital include pet-friendly boarding quarters. Staff members are trained to keep animals calm and happy. Dogs and cats are kept safe, and clinic staff members have quick access to veterinary care if pets are in distress.

Professional Boarding Services Keep Pets Safe

Many clients who could leave their animals with friends and family still choose a veterinary clinic that offers pet boarding services in Lorton VA. No matter how caring relatives and friends might be, pet sitting can disrupt their daily lives. That means cats and dogs might not get all the attention they want or need. Untrained caregivers or sub-par boarding facilities might also miss signs that an animal is sick and needs medical care.

A Veterinary Hospital Offers Pet-Friendly Accommodations

An animal hospital’s pet boarding services in Lorton VA offers accommodations in the form of comfortable indoor kennels. The boarding area temperature is kept at a healthy 72 degrees. Every dog is walked three times each day and owners can arrange for two extra walks. There is a large play area where dogs can exercise. Well-trained caregivers provide pets with plenty of water and nutritious food. Guests are served meat and rice designed to calm nervous stomachs. Pet owners can also choose to leave the food they prefer as well as medicines and favorite toys.

Attendants Keep Pets Happy and Comfortable

The caregivers that tend to boarded pets at an animal hospital are specially trained. They use fear-free practices that make animals feel welcome. Attendants play with guests and give them lots of TLC. They watch carefully for signs of distress or illness. If caregivers suspect trouble, they alert vets who examine animals and provide necessary care. A clinic’s boarding service also requires every pet to have their shots so owners can be sure animals will not catch diseases during their visits.

Many pet owners board their cats and dogs at animal hospitals rather than leaving them with relatives or friends who might not have time to give them personal care. A clinic provides comfortable, healthy accommodations and TLC. Staff members exercise dogs, feed animals high-quality food, and give all guests individual attention. You can also connect them on Facebook.