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Posted by on Nov 18, 2019 in Animal Health |

What Services Are Available at The Animal Hospital in Bowie?

What Services Are Available at The Animal Hospital in Bowie?

In Maryland, licensed vets provide a wealth of services to keep pets healthier and happy. Services are provided throughout the pet’s life and provide pets with preventative and regular care options. Vets offer vaccinations and fast medical services for all domesticated animals. A local animal hospital in Bowie offers several services that are beneficial to pet owners.

Doggie Daycare Services

Doggie daycare services are invaluable for pet owners who work every day. Caregivers offer a wide assortment of services for pet owners including babysitting services for pooches. The local animal hospital offers a care program for pet owners that allow their pets to get the love and attention their pets need while the owner works.

Boarding Services for Traveling Pet Owners

Boarding services are also available for pet owners who need to travel. All pets get comfortable accommodations throughout their stay. A caregiver is assigned to the pets, and all nutritional needs are managed by the hospital staff. Pet owners are welcome to schedule additional services during their pet’s stay.

Grooming Service for All Pets

Grooming services help pets look their best and improve the condition of their coat. Shampooing and conditioning are offered to eliminate tangles and matting. Treatments for pests, such as fleas and ticks are also included in the grooming menu. Groomers trim the pet’s nails and fur, too. Regular grooming services eliminate dandruff and loose hair. The services are highly beneficial for dogs and cats.

Medical Care and Vaccinations

Animal hospitals provide a full menu of medical care services for all pets. Diagnostics and treatments for common illnesses are completed by licensed vets. Vaccinations are provided for all domesticated animals to protect them from breed-specific diseases and illnesses. Emergency pet care services are offered on a 24-hour basis.

In Maryland, licensed vets provide medical care for pets and improve the health of the animals. Specialty services, such as boarding and daycare services are provided for pet owners who work or need to travel frequently. Grooming options address loose hair, odors, and complex skin conditions. Pet owners who want to learn more about services offered at a local animal hospital in Bowie visit