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Posted by on Feb 25, 2019 in Jewelry |

Why Pawn Shops Are Some of the Most Popular Jewelry Buyers in Chicago

Why Pawn Shops Are Some of the Most Popular Jewelry Buyers in Chicago

When Chicago residents need to sell jewelry fast for the best price, they often take their things to a trusted pawn shop. Pawn shops are some of the most popular Jewelry Buyers in Chicago because they offer better options than jewelers. Customers get good prices, especially for items that include precious metals or stones. Clients also like the fact that store personnel offer prompt, expert appraisals and payments.

Pawn Shops Offer Flexibility

Established pawn shops include professionals such as jewelers and appraisers. They have years of experience working with a range of valuables, so their estimates are accurate. With that in mind, residents searching for Jewelry Buyers in Chicago often have belongings appraised at pawn shops instead of working with jewelers.

A traditional jewelry business buys items that are in pristine condition. They tend to want specific items and do not want to invest in things that will not return large profits. Pawn shops are concerned with the resale value of jewelry as well as the intrinsic value of materials like silver and gold. That means they will even pay for scrap items.

Customers Get the Best Prices

Clients who want to get the best value for their things often sell those items to pawn shops. Jewelers tend to evaluate pieces based on things like the intricacy of design and the use of precious stones. As a result, they typically place low values on simple pieces like bracelets. Pawn shops use a different system. They will base appraisals on the value of precious metals. Many customers are paid well for simple items that include recoverable gold.

Transactions Are Fast and Accurate

Sellers who want the fastest transactions often reach out to pawn shops via sites like Store websites include a “Visit us” invitation that provides contact and address information so customers can discuss their items with professionals and then visit if they want to sell. The process is much quicker than it would be at a jewelry shop where professionals take their time researching and appraising valuables. Pawn shop appraisers can provide instant valuations and will pay on the spot.

Many Chicago residents sell jewelry to pawn shops instead of dealing with jewelry businesses. Pawn shops buy more things than jewelers and pay better for many. They also offer prompt, courteous service and immediate payments.