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Posted by on Feb 25, 2019 in Locksmith |

Benefits of Residential Rekeying in El Paso, TX

Benefits of Residential Rekeying in El Paso, TX

When people have an issue with the locks in their home, they typically call for a locksmith to change the locks. However, in many cases, Residential Rekeying in El Paso TX is actually a better option. Read on to find out more about the benefits of this practice and to learn when to choose this option over getting new locks.

Less Expensive

When you change the locks in your home, you have to pay for the new locks as well as for the service call by the locksmith. Rekeying the locks involves changing the arrangement of the pins within the lock so that it uses a new key and the old one won’t work. In this case, you don’t have to pay for a new lock, just for the new keys and the service call.

Can Remove Master Keying

When some homes are built, the locks have pins inside that allows for the use of a master key by the builder. These extra pins aren’t always removed once the building is complete and the home is sold. Residential Rekeying in El Paso TX will get rid of this potential problem and make it so only your keys work.

May Help Lock Operate Better

During the rekeying process, the locksmith will lubricate the lock, which can make it so that it no longer sticks and it operates more smoothly. If this doesn’t fix the problem, though, a new lock may be needed.

When to Rekey a Lock

If someone has a key that you no longer want to have access to the home, if you’ve just moved into a new home, if you lose your keys, or if you want all of the locks in your home that are the same brand to work with just one key, you can simply rekey the locks rather than replacing them.

When to Change Locks

If you want all of your locks to work with the same key but they aren’t all the same brand, you’ll need to change the locks. Another reason to get new locks is if you want to get higher security or electric locks instead of the current locks.

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