What to Look for In a Holistic Veterinary Hospital

by | Oct 4, 2014 | Animal Health

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When your pet needs help, you want an experienced and knowledgeable veterinary staff at your side. There are many benefits to choosing a vet with a holistic approach to preventive care and treatments. These alternative therapies are not necessarily meant to replace modern medicine, but rather to supplement it. In addition, a holistic approach is about being open-minded and inclusive, examining all aspects of your pet’s well-being. If you are searching for a holistic veterinary hospital, here are a few varied points to consider:

Understand Your Vet’s Education

The process of becoming a veterinarian is long and very involved. Although becoming a veterinarian requires many years of schooling, there are no official regulations when it comes specializing in holistic care. Learning about alternative medicine depends on interested veterinarians, who can educate themselves with additional classes or seminars. When choosing a veterinary hospital, look beyond your vet’s degrees and focus on their self-education. Does he or she have any specializations, or has he or she shown interest in any facet of alternative care? Your vet should be open-minded and interested in all possible treatment plans.

Ask About the Practice’s Core Philosophies

Your veterinarian’s core focus is important, but so are the core philosophies of the overseeing veterinary hospital. Is holistic care included as a primary focus area? Be wary of vets who claim to offer holistic care but who do not have any specialists on staff. They may be including trendy statements simply to attract new business. Instead, visit your vet’s website for a closer look or ask about their policies and guiding principles in person.

Expect Your Vet to Be Invested

Your veterinarian should be interested in your pet’s mental, emotional, and physical states. Animals are extremely susceptible to stress, and small changes can throw off their overall well-being.Thankfully, your vet can help watch for changes in mood and behavior, which could indicate a larger problem. Preventive care is essential to maintaining your pet’s health, so keep up to date with general check-ups as well as surgical follow-up appointments.

Consider Their Approaches to Modern Medicine

Modern day medicine has made procedures such as spaying and neutering simple. These procedures are still invasive surgeries, however, as not all veterinary treatment can be based entirely on alternative medicine. All aspects of care, however, can still have a holistic approach. Your vet will keep a watchful eye on your pet’s state of mind before and after the surgery, and may suggest alternative treatments or therapies to assist in the recovery and healing process. Modern veterinary conventions and holistic therapies can coexist to give your pet an overall better quality of life. For more information you can visit Holistic Veterinary Healing or you can like Facebook page.


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