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Posted by on Oct 4, 2014 in Business |

Why You Should Get a Hearing Test in Charleston WV

Your hearing is something you use every day without even thinking about it. However, if you find yourself straining more often to hear other people speak, missing words in a sentence, or being surprised because you failed to notice someone or something around you, it may be time for a full hearing test. A Hearing Test in Charleston WV can be performed to asses any hearing damage you may have and help prevent future damage.

A Hearing Test in Charleston WV is a painless, simple procedure. Before the test, your doctor may remove any wax buildup that is present in your ears. This ensures that your hearing is working at its full capacity. The doctor may begin with a whispered speech test. This simply means that they will stand anywhere from one to two feet away from you and whisper a series of words. The doctor will want to check one ear at a time, so you will be asked to cover one of your ears while they are whispering. After each whisper, you will be asked to repeat the series of words.

In addition to the whisper test, the doctor may perform a pure tone test. During this test, an audiometer is used to play a series of tones through headphones. The tones will vary in pitch and how loud they are. The doctor will control the volume and reduce the sound until you can no longer hear it. You will be asked to signal by raising your hand every time you hear a sound. This test is repeated several times with different high pitched tones. Once again, each ear will be tested separately.

It is important to have your hearing tested as soon as you begin to notice a problem. Any prolonged exposure to noise can cause hearing damage or loss. While many jobs such as truck driving expose employees to constant noise, they also require excellent hearing. In fact, DOT Physicals require a hearing test. Obtaining a Hearing Test in Charleston WV as soon as a problem is detected can help prevent further damage and treat any current damage you may have to keep your hearing working as efficiently as possible.