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Posted by on Aug 21, 2013 in Dentistry |

What to Expect with Clear Braces in Dublin GA

What to Expect with Clear Braces in Dublin GA

Your smile is an important part of your overall appearance. If it looks bad, then your self-esteem and confidence will be affected. In the past, the only method you had to restore your smile was to settle for traditional metal braces. These are unsightly and can be uncomfortable to wear. New technology allows for doctors to use plastic Clear Braces Dublin GA which can realign your teeth with little to no visible equipment. Don’t let your smile cause you to struggle any longer.

Contact a dentist to see how you can benefit from starting a treatment plan with clear braces. Here is what you can expect should you decide clear braces are right for you. Initial Exam During the initial exam the doctor will make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure and that your teeth are in a position that makes you a good candidate. They will conduct X-Rays and take a resin mold of your current teeth structure. This will be used to determine the severity of your teeth misalignment and track your progress as you proceed with the treatment plan. The doctor will also ask you questions to ensure you are ready for Clear Braces Dublin GA.

Placement of the Alignment Tray After the doctor is satisfied that clear braces will give you the results you want, they will then design a treatment plan and make all of the alignment trays you will use. They will provide you with instructions for maintaining the trays so you can ensure that your teeth will be in the best possible condition during treatment. Follow Up Appointments The doctor will want to conduct follow up appointments to ensure that your teeth are straightened in the best possible way.

They will also look for any negative side effects that may occur, and help to ensure that your teeth remain healthy enough for realignment during the treatment process. Don’t let your smile suffer any longer. Use Clear Braces Dublin GA to realign your teeth so you can have the smile you have always wanted. It is easier and most times cheaper than using traditional metal braces. Contact your dentist today to see if you qualify for clear braces.