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Posted by on Nov 11, 2019 in Lawyers |

What to Ask Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Sarasota FL

What to Ask Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Sarasota FL

After being involved in a motorcycle accident, it is common to begin to search for Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Sarasota FL. There are so many questions and concerns after an accident that hiring an attorney to handle all of the details can be a very good idea, allowing the victim to focus on recovery. However, not all personal injury attorneys are the same. To determine which attorney is best suited for a particular claim, there are some questions to keep in mind.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Personal Injury Attorney

  • What is the fee structure?
  • Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that the attorney’s fee is a percentage of the award that they get for a client, but not all do. It is important to understand what fees must be paid and when. In addition to fees, there are costs associated with a lawsuit, and a client needs to know who pays those costs before hiring an attorney.
  • Does the firm handle motorcycle accidents frequently?
  • There are some special considerations for motorcycle accidents, and it can help to have attorneys who are experienced with the rules, laws and special injuries that often accompany these accidents.
  • Who works on the cases?
  • Oftentimes firms use a collaborative approach to working on a case. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but a client should know if the lawyer at the consultation will be their lawyer for the case.
  • What happens if the case is not settled?
  • Some lawyers will refer cases out to trial lawyers if a case does not settle. Again, while there is nothing wrong with this approach, it can be shocking to a client who assumes that the lawyer will handle the entire case, including the trial.
  • What is the value of the case?
  • While no attorney can guarantee a certain dollar amount, they should be able to look at injuries and fault and determine the reasonable value of a case by looking at similar cases.

Schedule a Consultation

Luhrsen Goldberg Attorneys At Law are Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Sarasota FL who can provide a free case evaluation after a consultation. Speaking with them is a good first step for a victim who is trying to determine what to do after a motorcycle accident.