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Posted by on Nov 11, 2019 in Security |

A Look at the Safety and Some of the Features of Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks

Locks are important, but not all locks are created equal. Take fingerprint deadbolt locks. They are among some of the most secure locking systems out there. They also come with features that make them easy to operate and manage. If you’re looking to replace the locks of your home or business, consider installing fingerprint deadbolts.

The Safety of Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks

There’s nothing like getting a new set of keys, but there’s nothing worse than losing keys either. Your business or residence is at risk when you use locks with keys. Keys can be lost, and locks can be picked. With fingerprint technology, you can say goodbye to both of those worries and enjoy a safer and more secure entryway. Some of the best fingerprint locks on the market use capacitive fingerprint readers. Quality capacitive readers can store up to 99 fingerprints and access them in a split second, meaning you’re not standing outside waiting for your lock to give you access. On top of all that, this capacitive technology offers superior protection against thieves who are attempting to open your lock using lifted fingerprints.

The Ease of Operation With Fingerprint Locks

Although they use advanced technology, fingerprint deadbolt locks are simple to set up and even easier to use. You can manage every aspect of their functionality, from adding users to removing them, without being a computer whiz. And you won’t be using pesky keys that might be somewhere at the bottom of your purse or misplaced; you’ll be using just your finger.

Some of the Features of Fingerprint Deadbolts

Some fingerprint deadbolts give you Bluetooth control when you’re in range. You’ll be able to lock, unlock, and program your deadbolt all from the convenience of your Bluetooth-equipped device. There’s no need for wireless hubs or other such equipment. Additionally, some locks let you use offline access codes, which allow you to grant access to guests even when you’re not there.

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