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Posted by on Jun 27, 2019 in Automotive |

Volkswagen Care and Volkswagen Care Plus

Volkswagen Care and Volkswagen Care Plus

Consider a service plan like Volkswagen Care or Volkswagen Care Plus when it’s time to finance your next vehicle. Both are prepaid plans that act like warranties but cover more. Like a warranty, you sign up for a plan when you finance your Volkswagen, and afterward, you can drive into any authorized Volkswagen dealer in Orland Park and get anything that needs servicing fixed. For example, when the shock absorbers on your Volkswagen wear out, you can drop in for maintenance. Because the cost of replacing the shock absorbers is covered under the plan, you will be good to go.

Depending on how much you use your car, you could save more money with a prepaid service plan than paying for services as you go. In fact, a look through numerous online reviews will show that many who went with this option gained significant savings in the process.

Secondly, a prepaid plan offers you peace of mind when you get your Volkswagen serviced. Because many mom and pop service garages in your neighborhood may not specialize in Volkswagens, you will be soundly covered when you take your vehicle to the local Volkswagen Service Center.

Likewise, there’s a third reason to get a prepaid plan. You don’t have to think about the car service at all. Just drop it off at the Volkswagen dealer in Orland Park, and the job will be done and paid for. With your busy schedule, you likely don’t want to deal with car problems. A prepaid plan solves that issue, and even more conveniently for you, these plans are negotiated for as long as you want them to last.

At Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet, we’re proud to meet your auto sales and service needs. If you’re interested in one of our prepaid service plans, call us today or visit our website at for more details.