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Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in Business Services |

Recycling Through NJ Scrap Metal Yards

Recycling Through NJ Scrap Metal Yards

With so much waste products in our lives, we need to figure out what to do with our soda cans, old computers and monitors, old filing cabinets, old copper pipe, etc. What should you look for in a recycling organization? You want to go with one who will be able to handle the most different kinds of recyclables. How do you find a good recycling organization? Friends and family are always the best first step. See whom they use for big and small projects. Aluminum cans can usually be crushed and taken to a local recycling place and recycled for cash. But what about the big stuff? There aren’t a lot of convenient lead pipe recyclers around. Start asking questions of everyone you know. Check the phone book.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of recyclers, you want to call and ask questions. Do they pick up or do you have to deliver? Do they pay for the things you are recycling and, if so, approximately how much? What DON’T they handle? Things like asbestos and wood aren’t generally collected. Nor are anything with a radiation or bio-hazard sticker on it. These require specialized disposal.

What are the ways to get paid? A company can have an account set up where the recycler pays every month. Also, there should be the option to get paid at point of trade. Either should be an option. Rates of pay depend on the items and what they are made out of. Copper is a trade-able commodity and will be paid out based on a percentage of what copper is going for each day. Scrap iron and lead pipes will be paid out based on weight and the going rate for each material.