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Posted by on Nov 6, 2019 in Labels |

Reasons To Opt For Washable Clothing Labels

Reasons To Opt For Washable Clothing Labels

Security starts with you. Camping, sleepovers, and other events are fast approaching. You need to engrave labels on your kid’s clothes before they are out of your watch. Normally, their belongings, especially clothes, are bound to mix up in the laundry room. It is upon you to make your kid’s clothes distinguishable. What other ways than putting labels? However, certain tags leave permanent marks and ugly names that turn the clothes into one-time wear. Luckily, washable clothing labels are here to change the tunes. Here’s why:

They are customizable

Clothes are supposed to remain pretty even in the presence of labels. Most “Do-it-yourself” labels cover the bare minimum and engrave names plainly. Washable labels do include the option of customizing names and logos as per a client’s tastes and preferences.

Easy to wash without staining

Writing your name on your clothes in ink could be fast. Nonetheless, the ink could bleed through the fabric, making an ugly mark on the visible parts of the garment. Even if the ink engraves itself perfectly enough, it may stain your clothes after washing. This is common in brightly colored clothes labeled in dark-colored ink. On the other hand, washable clothing labels are made safe for washing and will leave your clothes in perfect conditions.

Easy to change

Most labels done in markers are permanent. Some will take a few washes to fade off. Washable clothes labels come in various forms that allow you to wash and peel them off when you need to change the information on the label or perhaps new signage. In case you donate the clothes or give them out, the washable labels come off to make way for new ownership.

Are you warming up to the idea of washable labels on your garments? Contact Label Daddy today to order your fully customized labels. Do not wait for them to get lost in order to take action.