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Posted by on Nov 6, 2019 in Cleaning Service |

Does Your Office Have Dirty Floors? They Could be Hurting Your Business

It may seem like people don’t pay attention to the floors of your business. After all, they aren’t usually looking down. However, having dirty floors may be impacting your company, employees, and customers more than you think. You may need to contact commercial cleaning companies in Miami, FL, to help take care of the issue.

No matter what type of flooring you have in your business, it’s a place where dirt, debris, and other substances gather. If you aren’t cleaning your floors properly, they will wind up looking dingy. Below are some of the other impacts dirty floors could have on your business.

They Can Make People Sick

Whether it’s carpet or tile, if you have dirt on your floors, this gives bacteria and other pathogens a place to grow. This, in turn, will make people sick and miss work. Thus, keeping your floors clean is imperative to keep anyone who walks into your building healthy.

They Make You Look Bad

Even if you think people aren’t looking at your floors, they are. They notice when they are dirty, and this could have an impact on how they view your business. If they think you don’t care enough to keep your floors clean, they may also question what other things you don’t care about.

They Can be Damaged Easily

If you have dirt and other debris on your floors, this can lead to damage. Dirt is incredibly abrasive, so if it’s moved across your floor, it can scratch hard surfaces and tear holes in carpet. Some debris may even have chemicals or other substances in them that can eat holes into your flooring.

To ensure that you are making a good first impression and keeping anyone who comes into your building healthy, you need to look into commercial cleaning companies in Miami, FL. Contact InnoKlean at

for all your floor cleaning (and other office cleaning) needs.