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Posted by Judie Langford on Nov 28, 2013 in Lawyers

Medical malpractice in Cedar Rapids, IA: Get Help Today

Medical malpractice in Cedar Rapids, IA: Get Help Today

When you go to your doctor or to a hospital you expect to be helped. The majority of the time you will receive great care from qualified professionals. But there are those instances where the negligence of someone in a medical capacity causes harm. Sometimes that harm can even result in the needless death of someone you love.

Medical malpractice in Cedar Rapids, IA is an unfortunate reality for many people. The pain and additional medical costs from a mistake can be debilitating. They can cause lost time at work and even disrupt a person’s ability to enjoy their day-to-day life.

There are approximately $3.5 billion in payouts from medical malpractice suits in the United States every year. Many people think medical malpractice only applies to mistakes during surgery, but that is not the case. In fact nearly half of all lawsuits are over outpatient services.

An incorrect prescription, misdiagnosis at the doctor’s office and negligent care during a therapy appointment are all typical causes of lawsuits. Most cases can be settled out of court, avoiding the headache of a lengthy trial. But, when a settlement if offered, your best option for protection is by having a personal injury lawyer at your side.

The Tom Riley Law Firm is an Iowa based law firm dedicated to representing clients who have been harmed due to no fault of their own. For over 30 years they have worked to get their clients a fair settlement to compensate them for their pain and suffering.

Medical malpractice in Cedar Rapids, IA has been a driving force in their firm, with over $300 million having been awarded to their clients since they were established in 1980. In addition to medical malpractice suits they also represent anyone with a personal injury claim including worker’s compensation and product liability cases.

As a full-service law firm they represent wrongfully terminated employees, perform estate planning and probate services and represent clients in civil rights cases. They offer a no-obligation, free of charge initial visit to review your case. They can listen to how you feel you were victimized and advise you of the next step to take. Visit their website to schedule an appointment and see what they can do for you.