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Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Accountants |

Is It Time to Think About Outsourcing the Bookkeeping in Tulsa?

Is It Time to Think About Outsourcing the Bookkeeping in Tulsa?

In times past, the business owner always kept a couple of people on the payroll to take care of the Bookkeeping in Tulsa. With the need to make some changes in the way the company is structured, it pays to think about making more use of outsourcing various functions. That includes keeping the financial records for the business. Here are some reasons why choosing to work with a bookkeeping firm is worth considering.

Trimming Employee Expenses

With a small business, every penny that comes in from sales and other sources of income must be used to best effect. Think of what could be done with the money spent on maintaining a team to keep the books. Along with salaries or wages, there is the need to cover the cost of insurance, provide vacation days, and ensure they have the tools needed to do their work. By contrast, hiring an outside firm to manage the Bookkeeping in Tulsa eliminates all these expenses. What is left is a monthly fee that is due to the bookkeeper by a certain date.

Keeping Up with Tax Law Changes

From time to time, new laws will impact the way taxes are withheld for payroll, and even how taxes on finishing inventories and raw materials are calculated. If the bookkeeping is done in house, that means someone has to stay on top of those changes and make sure they are implemented in a timely manner. If an outside firm is managing the books, there is no need to worry about whether things are being done in full compliance with recent changes. The outsource partner will ensure that everything is always done in accordance with the current laws.

Access to Financial Information

Many bookkeeping firms today provide clients with secure access to financial records. This means if the business owner wants to check the status of receipts for the month so far, that can be done anytime of the day or night. If the need arises to run a report to take along for an investor meeting or for submission as part of the paperwork for a business loan, it will be easy to generate.

For business owners who like the idea of outsourcing the bookkeeping, contact Muret CPA PLLC of Tulsa. After going over the options and obtaining a quote, chances are the owner will want to give this approach a try.