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Posted by on Nov 19, 2019 in Lawyers |

Injury: Injury Lawyers in Honolulu Can Help

Injury: Injury Lawyers in Honolulu Can Help

A horrible accident can leave a person with physical and mental injuries that can affect their life forever. When someone has been hurt at the hands of another, the victim should contact injury lawyers in Honolulu as soon as possible. Insurance companies have experts working to limit the compensation a victim receives.

When the affected individual hires an attorney from Yoshida & Associates, they can be at rest knowing their case will have the necessary attention it needs and that the attorney will fight for the betterment of the client. The individual can take their time recovering from the physical and emotional harm incurred.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are many types of personal injuries, but most happen because of accidents involving automobiles. More people are driving every year, which leads to crowded highways, roads, and city streets. Other types of personal injuries are caused by defective products, prescription drugs, dog bites, and diseases like mesothelioma.

Automobile Accidents

After a severe auto accident, injured individuals find they cannot work and face expensive medical bills for the care necessary to heal. This takes physical, emotional, and financial tolls on the injured person and their family. Accidents involving automobiles are also very hard to prove, which is why a legal professional should be involved.

Wrongful Death

If an individual passes away because of their injuries due to a negligent act, surviving family members such as a mother, father, brother, sister, or child could file a claim against the negligent party. Depending on the situation, the money might go directly to the individual who is filing the claim or will be included in the estate for distribution. A victim’s family can file suit in hopes of recovering compensation for things such as funeral expenses or the loss of their loved one’s future earnings.

The most common causes of wrongful deaths are motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and pedestrian accidents. If you have been the victim of what you believe to be a personal injury or something else due to the act of another, please contact injury lawyers in Honolulu.

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