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Posted by on Oct 10, 2019 in Lawyers |

Hiring DWI Defense Lawyers in Tyler TX

Hiring DWI Defense Lawyers in Tyler TX

In Tyler TX, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a felony and can also potentially generate criminal charges. If a person is caught driving while intoxicated, he or she must receive ideal legal advice from skillful lawyers in the matter, which are also available 24 hours a day. In these difficult cases, the client can depend on their lawyer to defend their rights. Police officers take into consideration the evidence collected in the investigation to strengthen the prosecution and seek a higher penalty. DWI defense lawyers in Tyler TX will ensure that your rights are never questioned.

When a driver is stopped by the police, the officer immediately begins to thoroughly examine the driver’s speech, if they have red or irritated eyes, if he or she handled their vehicle carelessly or is doing poorly on field sobriety tests and such. Then there are blood, urine and breath tests that can fairly accurately measure alcohol levels in the blood. If there is any or no doubt, the officer will immediately proceed to the suspension of driver’s license if the driver refuses to undertake blood alcohol concentration tests. At this point, the driver may want to contact DWI defense lawyers in Tyler TX.

When a driver is convicted of a DWI or DUI for the first time, he or she is sentenced to pay a fine of up to $500 and/or serve 90 days in jail. This sentence can be aggravated if it is found in the judgment that the driver is less than 17 years old, in which case the fine would increase from $500 to $1,000, in addition to several hours of community service. Unfortunately, the consequences of being guilty in court transcend even the personal rights of the person responsible since they are prevented from traveling to other countries. In addition to losing your rights to insurance and as a driver, some people may lose their job.

If you are detained, arrested or charged with a DWI or DUI in Tyler TX, make sure that hiring DWI defense lawyers in Tyler TX becomes your first priority. Rest assured that each client will get the best results possible due to the extensive preparation and knowledge of each attorney.

At Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C., our attorneys represent individuals who have been charged with DWI and other traffic offenses.