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Posted by Judie Langford on Oct 10, 2019 in Dentistry

Fighting Periodontitis By Visiting Your Local Dentists in Moorhead MN

Fighting Periodontitis By Visiting Your Local Dentists in Moorhead MN

Your smile is one of the most important characters of presentation and that is why you should care for it the most. That is why experts say you should brush your teeth after every meal to remove plaque and prevent dental disease. But sometimes, despite having good dental hygiene, diseases such as periodontitis or pyorrhea appear. This dental disease that affects many, is characterized by progressive action begins with decay and can result in the loss of one or more teeth. You should never let this issue go this far and by visiting your local Dentists Moorhead MN, you can ensure a healthy smile for years to come.

How do you prevent periodontitis?

As previously stated, periodontitis may begin as a mild problem, usually with the onset of caries. If this is not treated properly (with a filling or root canal, depending on your state), it will result in pyorrhea. This dental disease is characterized by producing a strong infection that reaches the gum and bone which support the teeth. To prevent periodontitis, in addition to carrying out good dental care, you should brush your teeth after every meal and floss at least once a day. Visit the site to know more about the best dentists in Moorhead MN.

Contact your local dental provider if you identify the following:

* Red and swollen gums

* Discomfort

* Loosening of one or more teeth (this may be a sign of advanced stage)

Combat periodontitis with natural foods

Another key in preventing periodontitis is food. It is important to remember than some antibacterial foods can prevent the accumulation of plaque. Dentists Moorhead MN say that the best are the ones that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and D, calcium and beta carotene. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and oats are especially good as well.

* Vitamin C regenerates and helps repair connective tissue.

* Tea tree oil has antibiotic malaleuca. If the oil is applied on the gum inflammation directly or on the toothbrush, it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

* Romero is an effective circulatory stimulant. Try massaging it on your gums.

* Cranberries. Just a 1/4 liter of cranberry juice a day helps prevent periodontal disease.

Watch out! Periodontal diseases rarely cause pain, or rarely cause severe pain, so it is advisable to go to a trusted dentist to be sure your oral care is safe. Contact Blake Ristvedt Dental, LLC for more information.