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Posted by on Apr 17, 2019 in Lawyers |

Examining Laws With A Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham

Examining Laws With A Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham

In Washington, car accident cases are complicated and require attorneys to exhaust all legal avenues. The first step is filing an insurance claim when the at-fault driver has auto coverage. Next, there is a possible legal claim if the victim doesn’t collect through the insurance. Examining the law with a Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham helps victims understand their rights and possible outcomes.

Does the At-Fault Driver Have Insurance?

At-fault drivers with adequate auto insurance file claims to cover the victim’s medical requirements and auto repairs. The insurer evaluates the claim and determines if the victim’s demands meet the terms of the policy. If the victim is denied coverage, he or she has the right to file a lawsuit.

Did the Driver Break the Law?

Drivers that are guilty of a DUI the court imposes penalties for the criminal act. A drunk driver that causes a fatal accident faces serious penalties. The court imposes vehicular homicide or manslaughter charges against the driver. Restitution orders require the driver to provide compensation to the victim’s family. However, it doesn’t prevent families from filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Did the Victim Sustain Life-Changing Injuries?

Life-changing injuries introduce potentially higher awards if the victim proves that the defendant caused the injuries. The injuries include traumatic brain injuries, disfigurements, the loss of limb or organ function, or a disability. The injuries cause serious changes in the victim’s life and prevent them from working. The impact of the injuries is a consideration for judges and juries rendering a decision in the case.

How Does Comparative Fault Work?

Comparative fault rulings define fault on the victim’s part and reduce the monetary award. If proven, the judge applies a percentage of fault. A 50% fault ruling forfeits the victim’s rights to any compensation. Violating traffic laws introduces the comparative fault ruling.

In Washington, car accident claims present victims with a chance to seek compensation. The claims present evidence showing that the at-fault driver caused the victim’s injuries. The accident report is a part of the evidence and outlines what happened in the accident. Victims who need to start a claim contact a Car Accident Attorney In Bellingham or click here for more info now. You can also follow them on Twitter.