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Posted by on Feb 13, 2018 in Health |

Bond With Your Personal Trainer

Bond With Your Personal Trainer

Starting a fitness routine with a personal trainer is a big commitment. You must be willing to invest your time and your money over a period of time to see results. If seeing maximum results is really what you’re after, consider making another investment in your personal training routine. Invest in your relationship with your trainer.

The best training results will come when your trainer is able to provide you with the very best training for you. And, no matter how good your trainer is at his job, he can’t provide you with his best unless you’re willing to be vulnerable enough to open up.

So, if you want to really see results, tell your personal trainer about your past exercise experiences. Let him know what worked, and what didn’t. If you were in great shape in the past, let him know what routines you used to reach that level of fitness, and your likes and dislikes about it.

Then, let your trainer see the stuff you don’t like to admit, too. Like, why you’re no longer in great shape, for example. When you open up about your training failures and the personal issues that you to give up on your fitness goals, you’re providing your personal trainer with the information he needs to learn how to really motivate you. Once your trainer knows about your fears about and desires for your fitness, he can create a plan that has the best chance of getting you the strongest body of your life.

As you choose a personal trainer in NYC, consider which of the candidates you’re considering is a person you could open up and talk to. This bonding with your trainer might just be the most effective tool you have, to reaching your fitness goals.