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Posted by on Feb 13, 2018 in Metal |

Should You Consider Aluminized Steel Sheet Metal for Sale?

Should You Consider Aluminized Steel Sheet Metal for Sale?

If your company is in the market for steel sheet metal for sale, you may want to check with several suppliers to get the best prices. When you need materials that are strong and resistant to corrosion, you might consider stainless steel. However, there is an alternative, and it’s called aluminized steel. Here is more about this metal and some of the benefits you can receive.

What Does “Aluminize” Mean?

Steel is one of the strongest materials you can use. However, when exposed to moisture, it begins to rust and corrode. Over time, this weakens the metal, and it eventually breaks down completely. Steel can be painted or galvanized with a zinc compound, to resist corrosion. However, it can also be hot-dipped in an aluminum alloy or pure aluminum. That’s basically how aluminized steel sheet metal for sale is made.

There are two basic types of aluminization methods. One involves hot dipping the steel in a silicon-based aluminum alloy. This process is often used for materials that need to resist heat. For example, it is commonly seen in ovens, furnaces, and other heated applications.

The other aluminization method uses a pure aluminum coating. It’s typically used in areas where rust is a real problem. Applications include roofing and HVAC condenser unit housings.

Stainless Steel Vs. Aluminized Steel Sheet Metal for Sale

Aluminized steel is a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel. For example, if you need an application where cost is an important factor, you may want to consider aluminized metal. It has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance. However, stainless steel is not a coated metal, so if you have applications where scratching is a possibility, the aluminized coating could be compromised, and this could lead to rust and corrosion. A trusted sheet metal supplier can help you choose the best metal products for your company, and they offer many choices.