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Posted by on Feb 13, 2018 in Plumbing |

5 Things Plumbers Want Customers to Know

5 Things Plumbers Want Customers to Know

Plumbers do some of the dirtiest jobs on Earth, but somewhere along the way, the profession has gained a dubious reputation. However, without Plumbers in Port Orchard Wa, things would be much different than they are today. Below are several things plumbers wish their customers knew before calling.

Dirty Drains Don’t Equal a Dirty House

A home’s drains are really dirty, but that doesn’t mean the home (or its owners) are. People don’t realize what goes down their toilet, tub, and sink drains, and some are surprised when they find out how gross it is. However, the muck and gunk pulled out of the drain isn’t a reflection of the homeowner’s cleanliness or the plumber’s skill.

Occupants Should Clean Up After Themselves

Although plumbing repairs can get quite messy, a good plumber will leave the home just as it was found. That doesn’t mean, though, that the plumber will clean the homeowner’s messes. While plumbers try to go the extra mile for clients, sometimes it’s the customer’s responsibility to get things cleaned up.

DIY Jobs Can Get Out of Hand Quickly

Unless a homeowner is extremely handy, they should leave plumbing repairs to the experts. It’s important for homeowners to know their limits and to call for help when necessary. By calling Plumbers in Port Orchard Wa, homeowners can keep minor problems from becoming major issues.

Appliance Maintenance is Important

Homes don’t take care of themselves, even if they’re brand new. For instance, water heaters need yearly maintenance such as tank flushes and anode rod changes. Most appliances come with owners’ manuals, but many homeowners fail to read the instructions, which can have serious consequences. By enlisting the help of a plumber, homeowners can increase their appliances’ lifespans.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency

If the toilet runs constantly or the kitchen faucet drips, it’s important to call a plumber before the problem gets out of hand. It’s easier and cheaper to fix a small problem than it is to do a full renovation after a major plumbing malfunction. Visit the website for additional information or call today to schedule home plumbing repairs.