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Posted by on Feb 14, 2020 in Bail Bonds |

Bond Out of Jail With Limited Funds: Bail Bond Services in Tampa Bay, FL

Bond Out of Jail With Limited Funds: Bail Bond Services in Tampa Bay, FL

It’s astonishing how many defendants still believe they have to pay the full bail amount to bond out of jail before trial proceedings begin. Bail bond services in Tampa Bay, FL, offer defendants, their friends and family members the opportunity to bond the defendant out for a fraction of the full bail amount. Here’s how.

Bail Bonds: Cheaper Than Most People Think

The cost of a bail bond is called the premium. The premium, approximately 10 to 15 percent of full bail, is the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee. Different agents accept different forms of payment, but the usual gamut often includes cash, credit cards, personal checks and business checks.

How to Pay Even When Funds Are Nonexistent

Individuals without available resources should still call local bail bond agencies and ask what forms of payment they accept. Bail bond financing might be available. Financing is essentially a loan that the agent fronts on the defendant’s behalf. Later, the defendant repays the agent through a flexible repayment plan.


Collateral is any valuable item that can be liquefied to create capital. Pawnshop-worthy items are forms of collateral, and money acquired for items pawned is a collateral-based loan.

Similarly, some bond agents accept collateral in addition to their premium or as a sole form of payment for the bail bond. Each agent accepts different types of collateral, but real estate, guns, jewelry, boats and vehicles with titles are widely accepted. Some agents even make special arrangements with payers who have nontraditional forms of collateral.

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