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Posted by on Feb 14, 2020 in Medical Center |

What Should a Patient Expect from a Family Doctor in Downers Grove, IL?

What Should a Patient Expect from a Family Doctor in Downers Grove, IL?

Patients in the Downers Grove area can expect a family doctor to take of everybody in the family, ranging from infants to grandparents. They would provide preventive care and help patients manage chronic conditions.

Why Are Yearly Check-ups Important?
A family doctor in Downers Grove, IL, considers yearly physicals extremely important. They enable the doctor to evaluate the patient’s overall health and check for any developing problems. If they find signs of a condition like high blood pressure, they can provide the appropriate treatment and thus prevent the patient from getting any sicker.

Similarly, if the patient already has a chronic condition, like diabetes, the yearly physical enables the doctor to evaluate their current treatment and make any necessary changes.

What Is the Difference Between Emergency and Urgent Care?
Both emergency and urgent care apply to conditions that need quick treatment outside of normal business hours. The main difference is the severity of the situation. Emergency care is reserved for situations that could threaten the patient’s life or limbs. Examples of conditions that require emergency care include stroke, head injury, or trouble breathing.

Urgent care describes conditions that aren’t life-threatening but still need to be dealt with quickly. Examples would include animal bites, allergies, or colds. The doctor can provide both.

What Are Some Other Services?
The doctor can provide preventive services like vaccinations. They can also perform diagnostic tests like X-rays or laboratory blood work.

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