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Posted by on Dec 11, 2018 in Restoration Contractors |

6 Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Hiring Dodgy Building Contractors

6 Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Hiring Dodgy Building Contractors

Whether you’re spending money on a renovation or restoration project, hiring building contractors in Kamloops that you can trust should be high on your list of priorities. Here are a few ways to make sure you aren’t falling for a scam.

Know what you need

Do you require the services of a specialty contractor, general contractor or a building contractor? Knowing the kind of services you need makes it easier to pick out which companies are a good match for you and your project.

Determine project scope

Not all companies can handle large or complex projects. If the project is small in scope, though, the firm may not take it on as well. Be sure to talk about the scope of the project before both parties proceed any further.

Talk about your budget

Setting a budget is a good step. You can talk to building contractors in Kamloops and ask them for packages that meet your budget. Some building companies may also customize a package for you. Reach out and ask, so you’ll know if they’re amenable to that arrangement.

Look at the reviews

It’s easy enough to go online and check out feedback about the firm and its services. If there are too many bad reviews, though, then that’s going to save you the time and trouble of hiring the wrong contractor. Cross the company off your list of prospects and move on to the next one.

Check the contract

Make sure the contract contains all the pertinent information you talked about, including the timeline for the results you want to see, the Federal Trade Commission says. That’s one way to stay on track of the project.

Set deadlines

How long will the project take? If you’re on a tight deadline, then be upfront about the timeline. Sort it out with the company until both parties agree on start and completion dates.