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Posted by on Dec 11, 2018 in Arts And Entertainment |

What is an Arched Truss, and Where Can You Purchase One?

What is an Arched Truss, and Where Can You Purchase One?

Have you to ever gone to different events, such as a wedding to a concert, and admired the artistic architecture present at the venue? One of the more popular design choices seen at events is something called the arched truss. However, what, exactly, is the arched truss design comprised of, and furthermore, for a person looking to replicate the look, where would they be able to purchase one for themselves?

How Do You Define the Arched Truss Design?

In order to know how to successfully replicate the look of the arched truss design, you must first be able to define exactly what you are looking for in the first place. In this particular instance, an arched truss can be defined as a truss which contains the appearance of an arch but does not actually contain one. The reason why it is not a true arch is because it is free at its base in a horizontal fashion. This design mechanism is entirely intentional, as it is intended to take into account expansion or contraction which may occur due to sudden changes in temperature.

Where Can You Purchase a Truss with an Arched Truss Design?

When you are attempting to purchase a truss with an arched truss design for your own purposes, you will need to begin your search for the truss online. This is not an item you can simply walk into a big box retailer and pick up, although certain home repair stores may sell accessories to help with the installation of the truss.

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