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Posted by on May 14, 2019 in Lawyers |

You’re Innocent And Still Will Need A Criminal Defense Firm In Lynbrook, NY

You’re Innocent And Still Will Need A Criminal Defense Firm In Lynbrook, NY

A person who is truly innocent of the charges being brought against them might think that they don’t need a Criminal Defense Firm Lynbrook NY. They might reason that the truth about the matter will just come out in court. Relying on the truth to come out in court without a lawyer’s help is a huge mistake.

What Can Be Proven?

Any lawyer working for a Criminal Defense Firm in Lynbrook NY knows that what matters in court is what can be proven. If an innocent person wasn’t at the scene of a crime, they have to prove it. What if they were alone in their apartment when a crime was committed on the other side of their city? It can be hard for them to prove where they were without any witnesses.

More On Proof

Understand that proof works both ways. A defendant might hire Simon & Milner to help them with a case that just doesn’t have much evidence. A prosecutor might not have a very compelling case but might be able to convince a defendant to take a plea deal. If a defendant refuses a plea deal and hires a lawyer to fight the case, the attorney might be able to win because of the flimsy evidence against their client.

A Prosecutor Isn’t Going To Help A Defendant

It’s not up to a prosecutor to help a defendant come up with an alibi. It’s not up to a prosecutor to dig deeper to find character witnesses for a defendant. It’s the prosecutor’s job to seek out evidence against the defendant. An innocent person needs an advocate to work just as hard for them. Browse website to find out more about hiring a lawyer.

Big Stakes

There is a lot at stake for a truly innocent person. Even if there isn’t any jail time involved with the sentencing, a person can still end up with a criminal record that can limit their employment opportunities. They could also have to pay a stiff fine if convicted.

Whether truly guilty or innocent, a defendant will need to hire the best legal rep that they can afford. If a defendant doesn’t have a lawyer that they hired, it’s much harder for them to get a favorable outcome in court. Some lawyers do have flexible payment arrangements.