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Posted by on Mar 4, 2013 in Lawyers |

Why You Should Hire A Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with a crime can be a very scary ordeal. If it is your first time messing with the system, whether you are guilty or not, it’s important to hire the best Pottstown PA criminal lawyer you can find to help you fight your case. If you are thinking of handling your case on your own, consider some of the following things that a criminal lawyer can do for when you are facing serious criminal charges.

Because of their extensive knowledge in criminal law and the criminal system, there are some things that an Pottstown PA criminal lawyer can do that very few other people will be able to help you with. One of those is to challenge your arrest if there is a situation where the arresting officers claim they have probable cause. A good criminal attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed against you if there were problems with how the evidence was collected or how you were arrested. They are privy to information that you may not understand about the criminal system.

When you go before a judge, your bail will be set to determine what it will cost family members to have you released from jail. Many crimes have a certain set bail amount that a judge will order. An experienced Pottstown PA criminal lawyer can help to argue for reduced bail on your behalf in order to ensure that you pay as little as possible. You may not even know that it’s possible to argue your bail, while a criminal attorney could have your bail reduced in no time.

Rather than deal with a lengthy and costly trial, many times prosecutors will opt to offer a plea deal. This is when you plead guilty for a lighter sentence rather than dealing with a trial where you may be found guilty of a larger crime. If your attorney examines the evidence and feels that it is sufficient to convict you, they can negotiate with prosecutors to get you a lighter sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. This saves the taxpayers time and money and avoids a costly trial for everyone.

Finally, an experience Pottstown PA criminal lawyer can go over every aspect of your case with you and discuss the pros and cons about going to trial. A good attorney can give you advice on the evidence the police have against you and whether or not you should fight it. Before you enter a plea, or make any type of court appearance, you should make sure you have a good criminal lawyer by your side to help you make your decisions.

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