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Posted by Judie Langford on Jul 19, 2014 in Lawyers

Why You Need an Attorney to Help You Fight a Criminal Case

Criminal cases are serious, and the average defendant doesn’t have the knowledge or skill to competently defend his or her self in front of a judge or jury. Criminal cases are all about proving innocence or a lack of motivation or forethought about committing a crime. Only an experienced criminal attorney in Cincinnati can help you build a defensible case and prove it in front of a court of law. Below are some reasons it’s important to hire a criminal attorney as soon as possible when dealing with criminal charges.

Gather Evidentiary Support

The biggest component of winning your case is having enough evidence to prove that you didn’t commit the crime, didn’t mean to commit the crime, or that your actions don’t deserve a strict penalty. Your attorney will spend most of his time speaking with witnesses, gathering evidence, and taking depositions. A solid collection of evidence is what can help you win your case or at least earn a lesser penalty.

Complete and File Paperwork

There is a ton of paperwork involved in any type of court case, and criminal cases are no different. There’s always something to file with the court before, during, and after your trial. There’s paperwork to submit evidence, paperwork to request records, and paperwork to call up witnesses. It can seem at times that defending yourself is all about having the right paperwork. Your criminal attorney in Cincinnati will know exactly what to file and when, so you don’t have to worry about your case being delayed or affected by poorly filed paperwork.
Work with Witnesses

A criminal attorney will work closely with your witnesses. Some witnesses, especially those who have never testified at a criminal trial, may feel nervous and anxious about going before the judge. A criminal attorney in Cincinnati can interview your witnesses, discuss what happens during a criminal trial, and explain to your witnesses how to answer questions during the trial. The lawyer may also explain the rules of the courtroom, including how your witnesses should dress and how to approach the judge. With an experienced attorney working for you, the chance of winning your case or winning a reduced sentence is maximized.