Why Tin Ceiling Installation is a Good Idea

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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When it comes to doing something a little different with the ceiling, it pays to step back from those basic white tiles and think out of the box. One approach is to make use of a material that people rarely think about using for ceilings today. That material is tin. Here are some reasons why it pays to think about going with a tin ceiling installation.

Colorful Panels
The thing to remember with a tin ceiling installation is that the homeowner is not locked into sticking with the natural metallic hue of the tin. It is possible to coat it with copper, gold, silver, or any other color that is desired. That makes it all the easier to come up with a color scheme that works with the upholstery, the wall color, and every other element found in the room.

Sturdy Construction
Plaster and other types of ceiling tiles do not tend to hold up well if the roof leaks. Think of how easy a little water will create marks on the surface of those tiles. By opting for tin ceiling installation that includes treated and sealed panels, there will be no need to replace the tiles once the leaking roof is repaired. Best of all, the treatments will ensure that the tin does not begin to rust as the years pass.

Designs Range from Simple to Ornate
Those tin ceiling panels can be completely devoid of any detailing if the homeowner desires. They can also be constructed to look a great deal like the wonderful plaster tiles used in ceilings in years past. This versatility makes it very easy to turn the ceiling into one of the more interesting elements of the room, or have it fade into the background without detracting from any of the other focal points within the space.

There are plenty of other reasons to consider the use of tin for a ceiling. Homeowners who would like to know more should contact the team at Abingdon Construction. They can provide some ideas on how to use the panels to best effect, and even provide a quote for their purchase and installation. Click here for more information.

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