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Posted by on Nov 12, 2018 in Bail Bonds Service |

Why A Bail Bond Company in Cleburne, Texas Might Not Be Able To Secure A Release

Why A Bail Bond Company in Cleburne, Texas Might Not Be Able To Secure A Release

Bail Bond Company in Cleburne Texas can usually secure a defendant’s release from custody, but there are some cases where it’s simply not possible. Some people might not know bail doesn’t have to be granted to a defendant. If a defendant is denied bail, they need to hire a lawyer to try to resolve the issue.

Considered A Flight Risk

A defendant has to understand that getting bail is completely up to the judge. If a defendant has a record of not showing up for court dates, they might be considered a risk and denied bail. An individual who has a lot of money and can easily flee the country might be considered a flight risk if the charges are serious enough. A judge might reason that the defendant might not want to risk the outcome of a trial.

Severity Of The Charges

A Bail Bond Company in Cleburne Texas might not be able to help someone who is accused of severe charges. Murder is an offense that might result in a person being held without bail. Terrorist acts can get a person held without bail even if people aren’t killed as a result of the crime. When a person is denied bail, they must remain in custody until their case is completed. Anyone who has been granted bail and needs help can Visit

Getting In Trouble Again

Another reason why a judge might not issue bail is that a defendant is a repeat offender. A defendant who is out on bail for a criminal charge and is arrested again can be denied bail. First, they will have their bail revoked. They will then be denied bail on the past and current charge. Once a defendant is free on bail, they should try hard to stay out of trouble.

Bail isn’t always guaranteed. Another factor to consider is the dollar amount. A judge can set the bail unreasonably high in an attempt to make sure it is hard for the defendant to be released from custody. It’s possible to put property up as collateral for a bail that is set at an excessively high level.