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Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Automobiles |

What To Consider When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop

What To Consider When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop

It would be rare for any automobile to make it from the showroom floor to eventually the scrap yard without undergoing at least one major repair and probably more. For the owner of the vehicle the problem is which auto repair in Orland Park is the best, which one satisfies your personal needs such as proximity to your home, constraints on your time as well as your budget. It is difficult to find two repair shops which are truly alike; one might have very reasonable prices for repairs but takes weeks for the repair to be made, on the other hand there are shops that can turn the vehicle around quickly but the prices they charge for parts may be excessive. As you look for an auto repair shop you may have to compromise between cost, timeliness and quality.

As auto repair in Orland Park is a business that tends to draw customers from a small local area perhaps the most important thing to consider is the reputation of the shop. Because these shops are local businesses they must strive to ensure they build a good reputation and then keep it, otherwise with the completion that abounds the shop won’t stay in business for very long. It is a great idea to ask other people you know where they get their cars repaired and are they happy with the experience.

Other than for backyard mechanics which you really do want to avoid there are two types of shops. At the high end is the dealer’s service center. The mechanics and technicians that are employed have been sent for factory training on the vehicles promoted by the dealer; these mechanics become extremely intimate with the dealer’s vehicles and they have access to all original parts. This is all good; however, the downside is the cost. It is fine if your car is still under warranty but if it is not then you can expect to pay premium prices for parts and labor.

The other option is to take your car to a private commercial shop doing auto repair in Orland Park. These operations usually employ certified mechanics and as they are not tied to any one dealers cars these mechanics are free to use aftermarket parts which are far less expensive and every bit as good as OEM parts. Labor costs are also usually considerably lower as the shop often charges the actual number of hours it took to repair the car rather than charge by the official estimate which appears in the dealers manuals.

If you are looking for a high quality, reliable auto repair in Orland Park you are invited to contact VIP Tire & Auto Centers. The mechanics at VIP Tire have all had extensive training and have years of experience.