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Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Automotive |

Truck King Pin Repair Or Replacement?

Truck King Pin Repair Or Replacement?

A truck king pin is an absolute necessity for connecting the tractor to the trailer. It appears quite ordinary, nothing more than a pin that engages with horseshoe shaped receiving platform that is mounted on the rear of the tractor. Every movement between the tractor and the trailer is transferred through the ling pin; as a result the pivot between the trailer and the tractor is subjected to extreme stresses and wear. Eventually truck king pin repair in Chicago needs to be addressed.

There is no hard and fast rule when the king pin will need attention, a great deal has to do with the service of the rig as well as the number of miles driven. Rigs which are driven in the city are more likely to need king pin repair before those that are driven primarily on the expressways. In an urban environment there is constant turning, start and stop driving and backing into loading docks day in and day out. This of course is not the same situation that tractor trailer combinations used for long haul work are subjected to.

Deciding whether truck kingpin repair in Chicago or replacement of the king pin is something else again. A top plate which is well worn may not hold a rebuilt pin, if the top plate is serviceable and not worn then for the operator the decision is normally driven by cost.

Wear on the top plate is another consideration. Considerable wear in the throat, called the keyhole is caused by the constant friction between the kingpin on the trailer and the top plate located on the tractor.
In an ideal world a king pin should not be used when there is wear in excess of .080 inches. It is at this point where repair will save considerably on future repair as well as maintenance of the fifth wheel.

Truck king pin repair in Chicago is quite straight forward and inexpensive if done in time. Usually the repair can be done in a couple of hours, this allows the driver to get his rig and load back on the road with the absolute minimum down time.
The trailer kingpin is not only an important element in connecting the tractor and trailer; it also is a safety issue. The last thing an operator wants is to have the trailer come loose while the rig is going down the road.

Truck king pin repair in Chicago is something that will ensure a safe, positive connection between a trailer and tractor. You are invited to contact WILRAE Inc.