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Posted by on Jul 3, 2017 in Animal Health |

What Services Are Available Through A Vet In Bowie?

What Services Are Available Through A Vet In Bowie?

In Florida, pet owners must follow careful strategies to improve the health of their pets. They need to bring their pets into the vet’s office to acquire a variety of services. With regular visits, the et owners can keep their pets healthy longer. The following is an assessment of the services available through a local vet in Bowie.

Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats must acquire vaccinations each year according to the requirements of the law. They must receive rabies vaccinations each year to lower their chance of contracting the virus. Any failure to get this vaccination could present the owner with hefty fines. In addition to this requirement, the pet owner can acquire vaccinations for illnesses that can affect their pet based on its breed.

Annual Examinations and Wellness Checks

The vet provides annual exams and wellness checks for the pets. During the examinations, the vet determines if the pet has any parasites through a stool sample. The pets are weighted to ensure that they are growing and developing as expected. The vet also reviews any possible illnesses that the pet is experiencing currently.

Treatment for Pest Infestations

The vet’s office can also provide the pets with treatments to address pest infestations. This includes dip and shampoos that eliminate fleas, ticks, and mange mites. The services can condition the pet’s skin and repair any irritation and sores that have developed as a result of the infestations. They can also provide ongoing protection against the pests.

Emergency Medical Treatment

The pet owner can bring their pets into the vet’s office at any time that an emergency arises. This can include but is not limited to sudden pain and discomfort, auto accidents, and broken bones. The vet will assess the pet’s current condition to determine the best course of treatment.

In Florida, pet owners can gain major advantages by taking their pets to the vet’s office. The vet provides a variety of services to improve the pet’s health and enable them to live a long and healthy life. Pet owners who want to schedule an appointment with a vet in Bowie contact Gambrills Veterinary Center for more info now.