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Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Fire Protection Consultant |

What Elements are Included in a Fire Safety Test?

What Elements are Included in a Fire Safety Test?

It is not enough to have safety equipment in place. There is also the need to have it tested from time to time. A professional can often spot issues that others would overlook. Here are some examples of what a professional will check as part of a Fire Safety Test.

The Fire Extinguishers

One of the first elements to check as part of a Fire Safety Test is the condition and function of the fire extinguishers. A professional can make sure the devices are still operable and that the contents are viable. This is important, since the last thing anyone needs is a fire breaking out and an extinguisher dribbling a little liquid instead of covering the affected area with foam and putting out the blaze.

The Sprinkler System

Checking the fire sprinklers is an important aspect of any safety test. Will the sprinkler heads activate when exposed to a certain amount of heat? If so, that will provide more time for people to get out of the building safely. If not, then repairs are in order without delay.

The Smoke Alarms

What would happen if a fire started in the middle of the night? How would people be alerted and have the chance to jump out of bed and head for the nearest exit? In many homes, the smoke alarms are a first line of defense. While they can be annoying when they go off because of steam coming from a shower or the heat from a stove, no one questions the importance of making sure they are always in proper working order. Any test for fire safety will include a careful inspection of each alarm, including the battery backup that will kick in if the main power supply is temporarily unavailable.

For anyone who can’t remember the last time that a safety test was conducted, today is the day to call the team at Elite Fire Services Inc and set up an visit. Once a professional checks every aspect of the fire safety equipment, it will be possible to repair anything that is not working as it should and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being prepared.