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Posted by on Oct 11, 2018 in Bail Bonds Service |

What Defendants Need To Know About 24 Hour Bail Bonds In Shelton, CT

What Defendants Need To Know About 24 Hour Bail Bonds In Shelton, CT

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen assits defendants after they are booked. The services offer a bail bond that equates to a specific percentage of the bail value. The percentage is defined by local laws and policies. A local bonding agent provides 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Shelton CT to individuals who need to be released from the county jail.

Are Defendants Guaranteed a Release from Jail?

If the defendant purchases a bail bond, he or she is released from the county jail. However, some exceptions could apply. For example, if the defendant is arrested on a weekend, the bondsman cannot guarantee that the defendant will be released before Monday. The bonding agent requires a judge’s signature to obtain the release from the jail.

Reviewing the Terms of the Release

The bonding agent identifies all terms of the defendant’s release. For example, the terms could include provisions to keep victims of domestic violence safer. If the defendant doesn’t follow the terms of their release, he or she could become arrested immediately. Any violations of the terms could also lead to further criminal charges.

Property Used as Collateral

The bail bondsman acquires titles or deeds for assets presented for collateral. The assets must equate to at least the full price of the bail value. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman is within their rights to sell the asset and acquire the proceeds to cover their financial losses. If the defendant doesn’t appear, the full value of the bail is required by the court.

What Items are Used for Collateral

When posting bond, the defendant or their rep must provide adequate collateral to secure the bond. Real estate, automobiles, CDs, and savings accounts are used most often. The defendant or their representative must provide proof of ownership before the asset is accepted.

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen provide an invaluable service for criminal defendants. The services include delivering the bail bond to the judge and the county jail after the payment is made. After the bond is available, the inmate undergoes out-processing and is free pending the outcome of their trial. Defendants who need more info about 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Shelton CT are encouraged to contact Aces Bail Bonds right now.