What Are Your Options When You Need Urgent Medical Care In Cincinnati, OH?

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Healthcare

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Grandparents may remember when a doctor would come to the house if someone was sick with the flu, but it’s a safe bet that their own children never received that level of care, let alone their grandchildren. It’s great to have a family doctor, but that doesn’t mean that the doctor is available for a sudden acute illness, such as the flu or an upper respiratory infection. It’s a common experience to call for a same- or next-day appointment, only to be told that “… two weeks from Thursday” is the next available opening. It becomes necessary to choose between the Emergency Room or Urgent Care.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Emergency Room


   *      If the condition is life-threatening, an ER should be the first choice.

   *     A hospital will have more equipment (MRIs, etc.), lab capability and access to specialists.

   *     An ER is open 24/7.


   *     ERs are hectic, over-worked and patients are liable to wait hours to be treated.

   *     The average cost of an ER visit in 2010 was $1,316, compared to $145 for similar treatment elsewhere.

   *     The ER may be located too far away.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Urgent Care


   *     Truven Health Analytics estimated that 42% of ER visits required immediate medical attention that could have been provided by an Urgent Care facility or primary care physician.
   *     Urgent Care has extended weekday hours and is open on weekends.

   *     No appointments are necessary.

   *     Almost 70% of Urgent Care clinics have average wait times of less than twenty minutes.

   *     Urgent Care is an excellent choice for many medical services such as school vaccinations, sinus, ear and eye infections and minor orthopedic injuries.

   *     Many families use Urgent Care as they would a family doctor, receiving similar diagnostic and treatment services.

   *     Employers utilize Urgent Care services for Occupational Medical services, such as physical exams, drug screens and Worker’s Compensation treatment.


   *     Specialists and some equipment may not be available.

   *     Critical, life-threatening injuries should go to the ER.

   *     It may not be possible to see the same doctor on each visit.

   *     Most Urgent Care facilities have extended hours, but are not open all night.

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