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Posted by on Aug 10, 2018 in IT Company |

Vulnerabilities For Dallas Businesses Without Network Security Services

Vulnerabilities For Dallas Businesses Without Network Security Services

Network security is becoming an increasingly important aspect in all types of businesses. This is true for eCommerce businesses working in the Dallas area where payments are processed online and perhaps even stored on the company’s database.

However, retail outlets, doctor and dentist offices, medical health facilities, schools, mental health offices, professionals and service providers all need to be aware of the importance of keeping both their business information as well as their customer’s personal information secure.

Hiring network security services to complete a vulnerability assessment and correcting problems is a first step in the process. Next, it is essential to have the IT security team routinely monitor and maintain security throughout the network to ensure the latest in hacking technology is effectively blocked.

Common Vulnerabilities

A Dallas business without any network security services in place is likely to have a number of vulnerabilities in the system. These can include issues that are relatively easy to fix, such as downloading the latest system and security updates, as well as significant problems that hackers target.

The most common types of vulnerabilities noted by network security services include:

 * Outdated or non-existent data encryption on the network
 * Lack of authorization for accessing important databases, files and system administration controls
 * Lack of two-step authentication when accessing the system or data
 * Inability to block access from computers and devices on the network to dangerous or known malware websites.
 * Lack of system protection for malware, spyware, adware, and ransomware
 * Old and outdated components for hardware or software on the system
 * Weak passwords, passwords that are easy to guess or the use of the same password between multiple people on staff
 * Lack of logging to detect sites visited and files access by users

Working with an IT company specializing in network security can help to address these problems, lowering the risk of any type of security breach internally or externally for the system.