Utilizing An Accident Attorney In Jefferson County, MO To Link The Accused To Your Injuries

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Lawyers

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Your preferred Accident Attorney Jefferson County MO provides you with assistance in the litigation process. Accidents resulting in injuries that were not the fault of the victim are often the subject of lawsuits. It is imperative for the victim to file a claim against the individual who caused their injuries, usually due to a failure to compensate the victim through an insurance claim or out of pocket.

Moving Violations

Common moving violations are a major cause of automobile accidents Jefferson County MO. Driver error or an inability to navigate safely through congested roadways have resulted in multi-car pile ups. A driver who exceeds the speed limit may additionally cause an accident. Unfortunately, in this case, it is not as simplistic to prove that the other driver was speeding without witness testimony and a law enforcement official backing up this claim.

However, in cases where a DUI charge accompanied the accident, the odds of proving fault significantly increase. The court records that relate to the DUI charge are sufficient evidence to present proof that the driver’s choice to drive while intoxicated led up to the accident. If the driver was convicted of the DUI charge, you may have an open-and-shut case in which you may receive an immediate settlement. Although the accused will secure legal counsel and state otherwise, court records are solid evidence that is undeniable.

Local Accident Attorney

Michael D. Lowry provides legal assistance for accident victims. This Accident Attorney Jefferson County MO is familiar with the necessary steps that are encompassed within a personal injury claim. He comprehends the impact that your injuries had on your life and finances. To file a claim through this law firm, contact them locally by phone or submit a request through their website.


An Accident Attorney Jefferson County MO handles cases that extend beyond automobile accidents. However, automobile accidents are among the highest risk for producing detrimental and debilitating injuries. Common reasons for these accidents are DUI, moving violations, and adverse weather conditions. It is critical for your attorney to present proof of fault when filing a personal injury claim based on the events that ultimately resulted in the accident. Visit website for more information!

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