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Posted by on Nov 6, 2019 in Furniture |

The Facts About Liquidation

The Facts About Liquidation

If you’ve paid attention to local retail events near you at any point in time, you may have heard mention of liquidation sales every so often. What exactly is liquidation and how does it affect the store in question? Why do furniture liquidators in Edmonton seem to be so common? What purpose does liquidation serve and how can consumers benefit from these types of sales? Keep reading to learn all about this phenomenon.

Defining Liquidation

Liquidation can best be defined as a sales event where a retailer offers their full inventory for consumers to buy. These items are typically not available at full price but at much lower prices than the customer would be able to find normally. Stores generally hold these sales for two reasons: in order to generate the income necessary to pay off debts and to get rid of all of their stock prior to closing their doors for good. In many cases, these two reasons go hand in hand.

Some companies sell more than whatever is in their inventory. They may also offer customers the chance to buy fixtures and equipment. In the case of furniture liquidators in Edmonton, customers can generally have their choice of home or office furniture.

How Liquidation Sales Benefit You

Most consumers consider the chance to buy furniture at astronomically low prices too good an opportunity to pass up. This is the main lure of furniture liquidators in Edmonton. Furniture is and has always been in demand, yet many people cannot afford to purchase a new sofa or dining room table on a whim. Therefore, when liquidation sales unfold, this becomes their main chance to snag a particular item that has occupied their wishlist. This benefit becomes mutual for the retailer because it allows them to get rid of the items they no longer need.

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